Localites Guide to deadCenter Film Festival

Localites Guide to deadCenter Film Festival


It’s no secret that we love deadCenter! Since it’s deadCenter week in OKC we wanted to share our guide to making the most out of your festival experience this year. We of course recommend purchasing the All Access Pass for the full deadCenter experience and perks, but you can also purchase single tickets and attend non ticketed events. Purchase your tickets online here and listen back to our minisode from last year’s festival.

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

The first step of a successful deadCenter is planning out your schedule ahead of time. Take advantage of the “star” feature on the schedule and take screenshots of your choices for quick reference. You can also go old school and write it out, but either way, make a plan by choosing your must-see films and then fill in your schedule around those. Coordinate with friends for films that have multiple showings if you want to attend together, but if you like to watch movies alone then by all means do your scheduled solo, there is plenty of time for socializing in line and at the after parties.

Tip #2: Don’t Forget Drinks & Dining

Once you have your film schedule, it’s time to plan out your meals and happy hours based on your showing locations. Movie popcorn is great, but it’s a good idea to plan out meal breaks ahead of time. We’ve put together our favorite places to eat and drink for each deadCenter venue:

Film Row (The Paramount, Dunlap Codding & 21c)

Bricktown (Harkins & ACM@UCO)

Downtown (OKCMOA, Library & Myriad Gardens Great Lawn)

Tip #3: Be A Great Festival Attendee

If you haven’t attended before here are a few pieces of advice for making sure you’re a great festival attendee. First, make sure you are in the proper line at the theater, there are passholder and single ticket lines, read the signage or ask the volunteers to make sure you’re in the right place. Also, you must show up at least 30 minutes early for priority access, for single showings of popular films you should arrive even earlier to get in line. Be nice to the staff and volunteers, this festival is quite an undertaking and everyone is doing their best! It’s Summer in Oklahoma, don’t forget to hydrate. If you have time in your schedule, it’s a good idea to plan for a nap on Saturday before the after party. Speaking of parties, we also like to schedule a party outfit change. This one is completely up to personal preference, but we prefer to keep things casual in athleisure when watching films all day and then changing into something more fun for the after parties.

Tip #4: Our Movie Picks!

We both love the shorts, so we’re recommending the Okie Shorts as our pick this year! Watching the shorts give you the most amount films in the least amount of time, plus you can leave a short series midway between shorts if you need to get to another screening. Kayla is also looking forward to Red Dog. She’s been following this story since it was a kickstarter campaign and is excited to finally see it on the big screen! Read more about the film here.

Get your pass right now!

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