About Localites OKC

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Localites OKC is a local podcast based in Oklahoma City co-hosted by Anna Farha and Kayla Coffey. Listen in for new episodes every Thursday morning brought to you by The Spy FM. The show premiered August 3, 2017, and they have also introduced minisodes on Monday mornings when a timely topic arises.

Anna and Kayla are both serial volunteers in the community serving Oklahoma City in a variety of ways. The pair met back in 2014 and bonded over a love of food, drinks and events. The idea for the show developed from the hosts being sounding boards for friends and acquaintances as the experts on all things local. It's been their goal to ensure the phrase "there's nothing to do here" is never spoken about OKC again.

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  1. a locally, socially prominent person.
  2. an expert in all things local. Attends events, knows about business openings and closings. Contributes to the community to leave it a better place than when it was found.

Media Coverage

Localites OKC was invited to give the ~locally famous~ Ludivine Midnight Toast the day after our launch, you can watch the video of the toast here.

Localites have also been interviewed in the local media thanks to the Oklahoma Gazette and Stories and Work. The ladies have also been guests on another local podcast, OKC Overeasy, which you can listen to here.

There's also that time they made The Lost Ogle's Monday Morning Tweets.

Kayla and Anna have also partnered with Uncovering Oklahoma and Visit OKC to put a Localites OKC spin on a Deep Deuce Pub Crawl, check out the highlights below!